Seller's Agents Charge Too Much

No matter what you have been told, paying 10's of thousands of dollars to sell your home is absolutely ludicrous. Paying 6% of your home's value will not get you more money for your home or better marketing. ​

I have sold real estate for over a decade. I am a top producing broker in the state of Michigan. I can tell you, selling your home should not cost 6%. The idea of a traditional real estate agent is antiquated.

Thanks to the advances in technology and the ease of access to information the internet provides, selling your property has nothing to do with the value of the property being sold. Although, higher-priced homes do tend to have a longer "average days on market" it's still sold the same way. The same marketing, the same paperwork, the same process. ​

Because of this, why should you be forced to pay a commission that is dependent upon the value of the property? Sellers have been doing this since the advent of Realtors. At first, before computers, selling based on a percentage of the home's value was necessary. Now, thanks to advances in technology, it can be done for a lot less. I will touch on this idea again in a moment.