The History of The 6% Agent

So you can understand why Linked Realty does not charge like a traditional real estate brokerage, it's important to understand how the current commission structure used by most real estate agents came to be.

Prior to the internet, when an agent took a home listing there would be a significant amount of costs upfront. In order to get the property the most amount of exposure, agents had to run expensive print advertisements in newspapers, real estate magazines, postcards, and other expensive, printed, media. Today, agents replace that by sending home listings to popular sites consumers use to sell their homes including,,, and the like. The M.L.S. distributes this information to those sites for free. This savings, agents now keep. ‚Äč

The reason why Realtors commissions were dependent on the sales price of the home was that less expensive homes sold faster and the more expensive homes took a bit longer, which meant more money spent on print ads. This could cost the agent hundreds or thousands of dollars that they might not get back if the home didn't sell. This is how the percentage standard came to be.

Let's be honest, agents these days have it a lot easier. You built the equity in your home. Keep it.